The slyde King 2k - A flash light that can do it allThe slyde King 2k - A flash light that can do it all

One Light for everything

The Slyde King 2K is Nebo tools next generation of the original Slyde King Flash light, and it has a fresh look and is four times brighter than
ever before.

It's NEBO's most powerful SLYDE KING ever.

The new SLYDE KING 2K. While it may sound like a NEBO oldie, it sure doesn't look like it. With the same reliability you've come to expect from NEBO.

It comes in a shrink-wrapped gift box and makes the perfect gift for anyone who likes to be prepared. The light comes with NEBO's standard expected minimum lifetime of 50,000 hours runtime and two year warranty.

flash lights with integrated zoon to provide clarity across the beam distance you need.

The flashlight that features a four times adjustable .zoom

C.O.B. lighting creates a powerful area light ideal for working or camping

NEBO's patent pending optimized COB technology for area lighting.

IP67 water resistant rated flashlights and head torches rated to a depth of 1 meter.

The SLYDE KING 2K does have an IP67 rating, meaning it's waterproof up to one meter for up to 30 minutes.

Measuring just under 19cm (long - extended), 4.1cm Head (wide), 3.5cm barrel and weighs in at only 453g.

Flashlight 2000 2 409
C.O.B Work Light 500 4 34
Red C.O.B Steady 40 9 9
Red C.O.B Flashing 40 6 9

Mode Memory

The versatile Slyde King 2k Flashlight also has memory, meaning it will remember your last dim settings saved in each mode.

If you dim all the modes down to low, you can double click the button to activate the last dim setting in spot light mode or C.O.B. area lighting mode, after double clicking the button, one more press of the button will take the light to the last saved dim setting in work light mode and another press of the button will take the light to the last saved dim setting.

Now you saved these dim settings, you can press the button once for high or double click for low.

Direct to Red

Another smart feature is direct-to-red, which can be used by simply holding down the button while sliding open the work light.

This will take you straight into red mode, which is perfect for keeping your night vision.

Magnetic Base

Like many NEBO flashlights, the SLIDE KING 2K has a strong magnetic base at the bottom of the light, so you can easily mount it to any magnetically attractive surface. This can be especially useful when working under the bonnet of your car or while changing a flat tire.

The magnetic base allows this versatile flashlight or work light to illuminate your area.


Pressing the power button the flashlight turns on immediately and starts in high mode, which is 2000 lumens, for two hours.

The flashlight also has a four times zoom at the top, which can be utilized by simply turning the head clockwise to zoom in and counter-clockwise to zoom out.

Holding the button down will dim the light and once the light flashes, you've reached the lowest dim setting, which is 200 lumens shining for a whopping 12 hours. If you continue to hold the button down, the light will continue to cycle back and forth between high and low mode until you let go of the button at your desired light output.

To activate the SLYDE KING 2K's signature COB work light, simply extend the flashlight out by pulling the top and bottom of the light. The work light will activate automatically straight into high mode, so be careful not to look directly at the light when opening. In this mode, the light is 500 lumens, shining for four hours. You can also dim the light in this mode by holding down the button as before with the flashlight. This mode is 50 lumens shining for 24 hours.

With the flashlight extended, pressing the button once, will put the work light in red COB mode. On high, this mode is 40 lumens, shining for up to six hours. The light can also be dimmed in this mode by holding down the button and on low, the red light is four lumens for an incredible 60 hours of runtime.

Press the button a second time to activate flashing red mode, which is 40 lumens, shining for up to six hours.

To turn off the work light, simply push the top and bottom of the flashlight back together.


To charge the SLIDE KING 2K, simply plug the USB-C side of the cable into the charging port on the light, which you can find under the silicone rubber cover located at the back. Then plug the other end of the cable into your USB charging block.

The LED and the power button, also functions as a battery status and charging indicator. When the flashlight is on in any mode and the battery level is greater than 25%. The N will be orange. When the SLYDE KING 2K is on and the battery level is less than 25%. The N will be orange and flash on and off continuously.

When the SLYDE KING 2K is charging, the indicator will be back-lit green with a pulse brightening and dimming continuously. Once completely charged, the green back-lighting will shine steady.

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Slyde King 2K

One Light for everything

Slyde King 2K

One Light for everything