Master Series

Master Series

The NEBO Master Series are serious lights for serious jobs. Rugged construction, increased reliability, and consistently bright LEDs means they can take whatever you dish out - at the jobsite or for a home project.

That’s what makes the MASTER SERIES different — durable, rugged design coupled with intuitive, feature-rich innovation. Designed for those who put their gear to the test, and who need their tools to work as tirelessly as they do.


Efficiently utilises battery power
to provide a steadier and more consistent light beam.


Built to shine in the toughest environments with the rugged and durable design.

fitted with a magnetic base, these flashlight or work lights with attach their selves to metal surfaces. Ideal companion for mechanics and tradesmen to allow you to work hands free and point the light where you need it the most.
easy to use flashlight mode selection dial, easy rotation allows for easy brightness control on the go.
IP67 water resistant rated flashlights and head torches rated to a depth of 1 meter.