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The Davinci 5000 rechargeable flashlight fits nicely in my backpack without taking up too much space and gives me the comfort of an extra light source when needed.

It's easy to switch between the different light settings and the battery lasts for such a long time I don't have to worry about it running out on me.


I’m extremely happy with the Einstein 1500 Flex headtorch. Previously I struggled with finding my way in the dark.

With my NEBO light I can see clearly, it’s much brighter than I expected and I can’t wait for more early morning hikes so I can use it again!


The Transcend 1500 is a great headtorch. The controls are very easy to work out and are position/worked in a way that you can’t “knock it” into different settings accidentally.


The Mycro 500 perfect for hiking for those sunrise hikes also very bright for caving in the pitch dark.

Lightweight, waterproof and sturdy can’t go wrong with this little head torch amazing bit of kit.


Walking lights

Walking lights

Whether you're going for a hike or just taking a stroll with the dog, Our walking Lights are the perfect lighting solution for you. From hands-free headlamps to reliable torches, our products will keep you safe and visible no matter where your feet take you.