From DIY, cycling, hiking or car mechanic, the Nebo range of head lights or head torches are here to make your job much easier bringing the light to exactly where you need it.

Head Torches

Browse our exciting range of head torches, ideal for the great outdoors or your next adventure, hands-free DIY tasks and much more!

High Performance Head Torches

NEBO offer some of the most powerful head torches on the
market. Not only are they waterproof and made of aircraft grade aluminium but
we offer a rechargeable head torch that you can charge on the go. Both comfortable and durable, each are fully adjustable – ideal for those low-light tasks when you need to have your hands free. Features multiple high performing light modes to choose from to meet all of your lighting needs. Some of the brightest headlamps reach up to 1500 lumens and throwing out to 64 meters.

Are all NEBO head torches rechargeable?

A select few head torches are battery powered with AAA batteries.

Can (LED) headlights be too bright?

If walking towards oncoming traffic, the full intensity of your headlights – especially if they're not angled down correctly can cause oncoming drivers to momentarily glance away from the road or even be blinded for a few seconds. In short, it represents a significant road safety risk.