Is your light is not turning on at all?

Some of our lights are fitted with a paper disc in the battery compartment to prevent the draining of battery in transit. Consult your instruction manual to find how to access the battery compartment to remove the paper disc.

Does your light turn on for 10 Seconds?

If your NEBO light is only staying on for 10 seconds, your light will be in "Demo" mode.

Many of our lights are set to "Demo" mode set when packaged, this mode also saves the accidental turning on of our lights whilst in transit to preserve the battery.

There are three methods to take your light out of demo mode.

1. To turn off the feature, remove the batteries for 30 seconds and simply replace to turn the feature off.

2. Alternatively, holding the power button down for 15 seconds can reset torches using rechargeable batteries.

3. If you have purchased the Mycro Headlamp, then please plug the headlamp into charge first and then unplug.

Your light will now be reset and operate as normal.

Contact us

If you are still experiencing any issues with your light or have any further questions about our products, please get in contact with us.

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