Whatever your activity, running, hiking, cycling, rowing. Our collection of rechargeable LED head or hand held solutions will guide you the way no matter the conditions with their waterproof design.


NEBO offers an incredible range of LED lighting solutions to help guide you on all of your sporting activity, but the lights in this category have been selected by our experts and are ideal for hiking, running, fishing, cycling and climbing. NEBO lights and headlamps are the perfect tool for your nigh time sporting activity. Reach for our reliable high-performance flashlight from NEBO on your next outdoor excursion.


Whilst doing any sport in the dark, if that be running, cycling, hiking, climbing or horseback riding, it’s important for you to see and to be seen. Wearing or holding a bright enough headlamp or torch is imperative to be seen. 50 lumens would be seen as adequate for running in the dark along a street, however running in a forest, you may need up to 100 lumens to be seen. You need a bright enough headlamp to be seen.

Is there a sport where I should be wary of how bright my light shines?

Yes, in any sport you should be wary too much light shining towards other people as this can cause safety and health problems such as “glare” headaches and stress. For example, when running towards oncoming
traffic at night, you don’t wish to cause a glare for any oncoming drivers. This could make them swerve and hit you as a runner. Alternatively, this could cause the driver to get a headache or eye strain.