Hands free and pocket size lights for those that need work lights to complete their job. A wide selection of magnetic mountable rechargeable LEd lighting solutions to keep you working in the dark.

Work Lights

Browse our extensive range of work lights, whether its a pocket sized, hands-free task light or a tough rechargeable and waterproof lantern, we've got it. From the handheld; which is virtually indestructible, to a work light featuring a powerful magnetic base, instant slide-on lantern and it's rechargeable.

Water Resistant - Portable Work Lights

Portable work lights or site lights need to be reliable, lightweight and water resistant. NEBO offers a wide range of work lights – hands-free and clip-on lights that are robust and weatherproof – which are used on building sites, indoor decorating jobs and maintenance tasks. Equipment that is powerful, reliable and offer multiple light modes. From floodlights to task lights at competitive prices that make working the dark much easier.

How can poor lighting affect your health at work?

From a worker’s perspective, poor lighting at work can lead to multiple ailments such as eye-strain, fatigue, headaches, stress and accidents. On the other hand, too much light can also cause safety and health problems such as “glare” headaches and stress. Both can lead to mistakes at work and low productivity.