Your perfect camping light or camping lantern, Nebo offer a wide selection of area lighting camping lanterns that feature USB power bank and are full rechargeable. Other camping light options are our powerful torches and head torches.

Camping Lights & Lanterns

NEBO offers an incredible range of LED lighting solutions to help brighten your adventures. Our camping lights have been specifically curated by our experts and are ideal for camping scenarios. NEBO camping lights are designed for durability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Explore our selection of rechargeable camping lights, camping flashlights, LED camping lamps, and more.

Upgrade Your Camping Gear

Appropriate camping lights and torches are essential. Upgrade your camping gear with camping lights and camping lanterns, for those dark hiking adventures or those peaceful evenings by a camp fire. Enjoy the spot light or powerful high lumen work light and various modes. Discover different varieties of water resistant headtorches, rubberised lanterns and rechargeable flashlights with a range of light modes. Whether you are working on site, camping with family or heading to a festival with friends, we have the suitable camping light for you.

What should I consider when purchasing a camping light?

Purpose. What will you be using it for? You may even require multiple lights. It’s always advisable to pack more than one light. For example, a basic hand-held torch or lantern is a good option for lighting larger areas, whereas a hands-free headlamp comes in handy if you need to set up your tent in the dark.

Do you have ample space to pack a large or small light(s)?

Whilst it’s a good idea to pack more than one camping light, sometimes space is limited. If you don’t have much room, opt for a compact, lightweight torch that can be hung from your rucksack. And check to see how you recharge them.

Do they require spare batteries?

If so, pack spares. They may be rechargeable.

How long do camping lights last?

This will depend on the light mode you choose to have your camping light on at and how long you continue to have that light on. Having the light on a low mode will increase the longevity of having the light on. However, having the light on at it’s highest and most powerful setting will drain the battery quicker.

How can I charge a camping light without replacing its batteries?

NEBO would suggest checking the product description per product, as it will vary from USB-C or Micro USB. Providing there is place to plug the cable into, such as your USB charging point in your car, your light will be
sure to charge up.