The original flashlight! Nebo flashlights come with a range of features that is rivalled by none. Powerful torches with up to 12000 lumens of power, rechargeable, build in power banks for recharging your phone, waterproof.

Hand Held Flashlights

Browse our exciting range of innovative hand held flashlights. We have everything; ranging from easy to carry torches, pocket lights, to high powered flashlights with emergency features and everything else in between.

High Lumen Powerful Flashlights

NEBO flashlights and torches are used by professional tradesman such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers and DIYers. Offering you a range of domestic and professional rechargeable work lights. High lumen powerful torch range that won’t disappoint.

From the incredibly powerful 18000 lumen flashlight that can light over 250 meters to powerful waterproof pocket lights that have adjustable light beams, giving you focus when you need it.

Are all NEBO flashlights rechargeable?

The range of torches and flashlights varies; however, the majority of the range are rechargeable. A select few products require AAA or AA batteries.

What’s the biggest/brightest flashlight I can purchase and how many lumens can it output?

With regards to size of flashlight, NEBO offers the DAVINCI™ 18000 at a sizable 35cm long. The brightest torch NEBO has to offer is the LUXTREME SL100 SPOTLIGHT, with a rechargeable spotlight of up to 1 mile beam distance.

Is it true, the bigger the light, the more powerful it is?

Not necessarily, NEBO offers a wide variety of lights, both larger and small that not only vary in size but vary in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light and more power it uses. We have a variation in size and power to accommodate your needs, balancing size, distance and runtime for whatever the situation.