Check out our top 5 lighting picks for walking your dog

As the evenings and early mornings’ grow progressively darker, if you’re a dog owner, then you know only too well that owning a reliable light is essential dog walking kit. With so many types of hand held torches, head lamps and pocket lights to choose from, it won’t surprise you that, as lighting specialists, NEBO have developed a number of market leading products. To help you decide which light is best for you, we’ve selected our 5 best sellers as rated by fellow canine lovers. 

1) Torchy 2K 

The TORCHY 2K is one of our best selling pocket lights for dog walking. As well as being rechargeable and water-resistant, it is also equipped with 5 light modes, which are seamlessly transitioned through Smart Power Control. This powerful pocket light features a detachable 2-way clip for convenient carry and hands-free lighting. It’s not hard to see why this small but powerful TORCHY 2K is consistently popular with dog owners.

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Torchy 2K

2) Columbo Keychain

Lightweight and easily concealable in the palm of your hand, the COLUMBO KEYCHAIN is the perfect keyring accessory for taking the dog out in all weathers. This 100 lumen light features twist-to-activate functionality for easy one-handed operation and a keyring attachment for convenient portability.

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3) Mycro 500+

If you prefer a head torch for dog walking or running then the MYCRO 500+ Headlamp & Cap Light is very popular. This super light, rechargeable, hands-free 500 lumen lighting solution with both spot light and flood light modes is great value. The integrated tilt feature allows you to position the beam exactly where you want it so you can keep easily track of your pooch (and his business!) while on the go.

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The INSPECTOR 500+ is a powerful 500 lumen, rechargeable, waterproof (IPX7) penlight and expandable area light. The INSPECTOR 500+ is equipped with a strong magnetic base, steel clip and 4 light modes. The handy Flex-Power Technology, which allows the light to be powered by rechargeable or AAA batteries, means there is no excuse but to get that walk done even in the depths of winter!

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5) Slyde King 2K

If you want something really substantial for dog waling then look no further than the SLYDE KING 2K. Rechargeable, waterproof (IP67) and extremely versatile, this hugely popular torch features a 2,000 lumen flashlight with 4x zoom, and a 500 lumen C•O•B work light. The adjustable area light from the slide out function is perfect for illuminating a wider surface area if you’re planning to let your dog roam or play in a wider space. Each light mode is dimmable with programmable memory. The 2K also has an ergonomic rubberised grip and powerful magnetic base. 

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We hope you find these recommendations useful. Happy dog walking!