Illuminating the future with expansion into POWER products

In an era of limitless possibilities, NEBO is once again breaking boundaries with a ground breaking venture - our new range of NEBO POWER products!

power bank with air compressor

Our latest collection of rugged, reliable power solutions redefine convenience for adventures, as well as everyday living. Our innovative Jump Starters, Power Stations, and portable Power Banks are essential for our sometimes unexpected and roaming modern lifestyles.

Our hero product is the NEBO ULTIMATE: a Multi Voltage Power Pack, your ultimate solution for power on the move. Packed with innovation and versatility, this powerhouse device combines an AC mains outlet, jump starter, power bank, floodlight and air compressor. It’s also fully compliant for carry-on air travel, as our all our NEBO POWER products.

NEBO Power bank and jump starters

Our decision to combine lighting and power isn’t entirely new as many of our products already incorporate power banks, but now we’ve gone much further.

In this increasingly interconnected world, where smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices have become essential, the demand for reliable power sources is higher than ever.

Our cutting-edge, reliable and rugged line of power products featuring Jump Starters, Power Stations and portable Power Banks are designed to empower you with smart features, wireless charging, multiple USB ports and fast charging.

Available in various capacities, our sleekly designed Power Banks and Power Stations are capable of charging a wide range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and even power-hungry accessories like drones.

As we continue to explore new horizons, you can look forward to a future where lighting and power needs are seamlessly integrated into high-quality, multifunctional products.