"In all ways" - The Omni

"In all ways" - The Omni

The OMNI 2k by NEBO - Is a rechargeable 2000 lumen multi directional work light it's a rugged, compact and full of features.

Here it is, the OMNI 2k from NEBO, its list of features is long and it includes non-slip magnetic handles, multiple light modes, water and impact resistance. Making it an incredibly versatile work light.

The most unique design features of the OMNI 2k is actually where it gets its name. Omni means “all” and “in all ways” , The OMNI 2kshines bright light all over everything. Let's take a look at how it can be positioned, the adjustable handles with their non-slip protective bumpers can either function as legs or attached to surfaces with the magnetic sides, the body of the light can also be positioned from flat to folded and anywhere in between.

rechargeable flashlight or head torch indicator when your LED light is recharging. Colour changing to indicate when your batteries are fully chanrged.

Rechargeable by USB-C supplied cable, with 2 hours recharge time.

fitted with a magnetic base, these flashlight or work lights with attach their selves to metal surfaces. Ideal companion for mechanics and tradesmen to allow you to work hands free and point the light where you need it the most.

Magnetic feet allow for easy mounting and positioning for a variety of tasks and jobs. The adjustable light panels let you direct the light to exactly where it is needed.

IPX4 water resistant rated flashlights and head torches

It's also IPX4 water spray resistant and impact resistant to drops of up to 1 meter.

Measuring: Height: Closed - 125mm / Open - 210mm Width: 160mm Diameter: Closed - 45mm / Open - 37mm.

Weighing: 558 grams

Dual C.O.B. High 2000 1.3 70
Dual C.O.B. Low 250 5.5 22
Single C.O.B. High 1100 2 50
Single C.O.B. Low 150 9 18
Red C.O.B. High 20 11 8
Red C.O.B. Flash 20 20 8

Turning the OMNI 2k over you'll find the power button the brightness adjusting plus and minus buttons and the power and charging indicator lights.

When you lift the silicone charging port cover you'll see a USB-C port which is used to fast charge the OMNI 2k and a standard USB port which can be used to charge your own usb devices, that's right the OMNI 2k also acts as a 4,000 milliamp hour power bank.


The four blue led indicator lights are used to show the current charging status as well as battery level.

When the unit is turned on the LEDs function as a battery status monitor, the LEDs will light to indicate battery charge status with each light representing roughly 25% battery life, when only one LED is lit the light needs to be recharged.

The charging of the light is really easy to do, simply plug the included USB-C fast charging cable into the USB-C port and then into a USB charging socket.

While charging the LED indicator lights will flash to indicate charging is taking place, a full charge on the OMNI 2k only takes about 2 hours when using a 2 amp USB charging socket.

Water Resistant

The OMNI 2k is water spray resistant flashlight with an IPX4 rating and impact resistant with a 1 meter drop rating.

The patented COB LED in the OMNI 2k also has NEBO's standard expected minimum lifetime of 50,000 hours.


Rechargeable Powerbank Work light