360° Multi-Directional Work Light

The Omni 3K is a rechargeable, 3,000 lumen, multi-directional, hands-free work light that is not only rugged, but also a flat and convenient compact size too. This will help you tackle any job big or small and makes viewing a large work space easier, as opposed to using a torch. You can hang a torch from a height however it won't disperse the light as well as the Omni 3K - a flat, high powered area light that won't disappoint. In comparison to the Omni 2K that shoots out 2,000 lumens, the Omni 3K shoots out 3,000 lumens.

Omni 3K product image

You could keep it in the glove box of your car, for when you may need that 360° light when you change a tyre at night. Keep it in your attic for when you need to grab that one thing from the dark corners of your loft. As it's so light weight and small, keep it in your toolbox for those tight, awkward dark jobs.

Product features include:

- 6 light modes with a red hazard feature

- multi-positional, rotating COB panels

- non-slip magnetic, rotating handle

- battery charging indicator

- water and impact-resistance 

- rechargeable work light battery (USB-C) that also works as a power bank

The most unique design feature of the Omni 3K is where it gets its name from. The word 'Omni' is equivalent to the word 'all' and in the case of the Omni 3K, it shines bright light over everything. A full 360° work light that can be dimmed with 6 light modes. And the 3K meaning a 3,000 lumen output.

With a rotating adjustable handle, the Omni 3K can be stood in virtually any position or attached to surfaces with the magnetic handle, making it one of the best magnetic work lights. It can also be positioned from flat to folded and anywhere in between.

Turn it over and you'll find the power button. The brightness can be adjusted with buttons and the power and charging indicator lights can be found when you lift the silicone charging port cover. The standard USB port can be used to charge your own USB devices - you heard that right - the Omni 3K also acts as a power bank. 

Runtime with it shining 3,000 lumens, estimates that it will run for an hour. Compared to shining at 300 lumens, estimated run time is 4 hours.

• Single C•O•B High (1500 lumens) - 2 hours 
• Single C•O•B Low (150 lumens) - 8* hours 
• Red C•O•B (7 lumens*) - 15* hours
• Red C•O•B Strobe (7 lumens*) - 20 hours

The Omni 3K is impact resistant with it's rubber shield corners. You won't need to worry if it's in a glove box or falls off a work surface, as this range of work lights is impact resistant. The Omni 3K is also water resistant with an ipx4 rating. Once plugged in, it only takes 3 hours to fully charge up.