Lighting Season - Top 5 Pocket Lights

Being small does not mean being underpowered. NEBO's pocket lights are compact yet powerful and make the ideal companion through the long winter nights. Why not make a compact pocket light part of your everyday carry.
Check out our top 5 picks to get the job done.
Torchy 2K


The Torchy 2K is MagDock USB rechargeable, water-resistant (IPX6) and is equipped with 5 light modes, which are seamlessly transitioned through Smart Power Control.
This powerful pocket light features a detachable 2-way clip for convenient carry and hands-free lighting.
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Columbo 100


The Columbo™ 100 from NEBO features a 100 lumen LED, 3 light modes, 4x adjustable zoom, Easy Touch Technology, strong steel clip, and a waterproof (IP67) anodised aircraft-grade aluminium body.
The included AAA alkaline batteries allow for up to 4.5 hours of operation.
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Redline V


The Redline V is a powerful 500 lumen flashlight, featuring OC optics for crystal clear illumination.
Completely waterproof (IPX7) the Redline V is also equipped with a 4x zoom and 5 light modes (high, medium, low, defensive strobe & S.O.S.). Weighing in at only 115g, it's light enough you'll hardly notice your carrying it.
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The NEBO Poplite is a versatile, compact light and lantern. Its expandable design allows the Poplite to easily change from flood light, to spot light, to lantern, by sliding the body of the light.
Small enough to fit on a key ring, the Poplite also features a magnetic base and a detachable carabiner clip. To activate the light, just pop the carabiner clip from the light body and the Poplite is ready to light the way!
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Mycro 500+

MYCRO 500+

The MYCRO 500+ Headlamp & Cap Light is a rechargeable, hands-free 500 lumen lighting solution with both spot light and flood light modes.
The integrated tilt feature allows you to position the beam exactly where you want it.
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