Lighting Season- Top 5 Work Lights

You don't just do it for fun, you do it to put food on the table and keep a roof over your family's head. NEBO's Work & Professional lifestyle categories are full of high-quality LED lighting solutions that our experts recommend for everyday professionals like yourself.
Check out our top 5 picks to get the job done.
Big Larry 2

1. Big Larry 2

Our best selling Big Larry™ 2 outputs 500 lumens with the C•O•B work light and 200 lumens from the top flashlight.
The red C•O•B light is perfect for maintaining your night vision, distress signalling or roadside emergencies. The steel clip and magnetic base provide convenient hands-free lighting options.
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Omni 2K

Omni 3K

The OMNI 3K is the ultimate, omni-directional work light that boasts a powerful 3,000 lumen, Dual C•O•B output with a red hazard feature.
Featuring an adjustable, magnetic handle to provide convenient carry, magnetic attachment or a sturdy base for hands-free light. Each C•O•B panel rotates to give light everywhere that you need it, and the dimmer controls give you the right amount of light.
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Master Series HL 1000


Rugged and reliable, this 1,000 lumen headlamp is designed to handle the toughest conditions with extreme versatility. The HL1000 features a 180° tilt, magnetic mode select dial, detachable mount, and a magnetic base for multiple handsfree lighting solutions.
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Big Larry Pro


The brightest Larry yet...The BIG Larry PRO features a high-power, 500 lumen C•O•B work light and red hazard flasher.
Fully rechargeable and equipped with 2 magnetic charging stations, the BIG Larry PRO is ready to handle any task at any time. The PRO also has a powerful magnetic base and adjustable steel clip for convenient hands-free lighting. When there is work to be done...bring a PRO!
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Angle Light


The Angle Light is a lightweight, versatile and compact COB lantern with 220 lumens of bright white light.
Equipped with a powerful magnetic base and swivelling hanging hook, which are ideal for hands free lighting options. The COB lantern can can be angled through 180 degrees to illuminate all angles. Constructed using ABS rubber, the Angle Light is tough and durable, certified at IPX4 water and impact resistant.
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