Lightweight Hands-Free Lighting

The Mycro headlamp and cap light by NEBO®, the Mycro is a low profile lightweight headlamp that easily transitions to a cap light and is fully rechargeable.

The Mycro Headlamp is a powerful waterproof rechargeable headlamp, that head light that easily transitions to a cap light.

It measures only 4.6cm wide and 3.4cm tall and 3.2cm deep and weights only 47g. Generating up to 400 lumens of light with 6 useful power modes.

our head torches are fitted with a comfortable head strap that helps keep your light secure no matter the exercise.

The removable elastic head strap is easy to attach to the light. Move the adjustable clip to tighten or loosen the strap to fit your head.

made in a lightweight construction, these flashlights give you the brightness you need but also help make it an easy carry.

The Mycro Headlamp is incredibly lightweight weighing on at only 47g. You will not even notice you're wearing it

IP67 water resistant rated flashlights and head torches rated to a depth of 1 meter.

Nebo lights run no matter the conditions, fully waterproof of up to 1 meter in depth for 30 minutes

Light Modes

TURBO 400 30sec. 80
HIGH 150 1 50
MEDIUM 50 2 18
LOW 15 5 10
RED 10 10 14
GREEN 10 10 14


On the side you'll find the charging port covered by a piece of silicone. To charge your Mycro Headlamp simply plug the included micro USB cable into your USB charging block and then plug the other end into the micro USB port on the light.

Take care to hold the light by the top and bottom to avoid accidentally turning it on and shining the light directly in your eyes.

While charging the LED indicator on the Mycro will shine red, when the Mycro is fully charged it will change colour to green.


The Mycro Headlamp is waterproof head torch with an IP67 rating, can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

It's robust construction is impact resistant with a one meter drop rating.

Adjustable Head Strap

Let's get to the head strap functionality of the Mycro.

The elastic head strap attaches by sliding into both sides of the base for the most secure fit position.

Once you slide it on simply move the adjustable clip to tighten or loosen the strap to the fit of your head.

The Mycro quickly transitions to a cap light with the included clip for maximum versatility, to remove the cap light clip pull the tab upward while you pull the clip away from the Mycro. To reattach the cap light clip, simply push it back into place.

Whether you use the head strap or the cap light clip the Mycro headlamp is equipped with a 135 degree vertical pivot head, which enables you to point the light exactly where you need it.

Operation & Power Control

To turn on the light simply press the power button once, the light will immediately turn on in high mode which is up to 150 lumens for one hour of runtime.

If the light has been on for more than eight seconds, the next time you press the button it will turn the light off. However if you press the button a second time within 8 seconds of first turning the light on, the light will change to the next mode, which is medium. In medium mode the light is up to 50 lumens for two hours of run time.

Another feature of the Mycro headlamp is the light mode recall what this means is, the micro headlamp will always start out by turning on in the last used light mode. If the last mode you used was medium, a press of the button will turn the light back on in medium mode pressing the button again will put the light back into high mode at the top of the mode's cycle, another press takes us back to medium and if you press the button a third time, low which is up to 15 lumens for 5 hours.

The next two light modes of the Mycro headlamp are green and red modes, which can be activated by clicking the button at fourth and fifth time. In both of these modes the light is up to 10 lumens for a run time of 10 hours. The Mycro headlamp also features a direct to red option which is activated by pressing and holding the power button while the light is off, doing so will also reverse the mode cycle so now pressing the button a second time will activate green mode, then low, then medium and finally high mode.

There is one additional light mode you can activate as well, if you press and hold the power button on the Mycro head lamp while it is on it will activate turbo mode which is up to 400 lumens, the Mycro headlamp will remain in turbo mode until you've turned it off or for as long as 30 seconds. After 30 seconds of being on in turbo mode the Mycro headlamp will automatically fade to the mode you are using prior to activating the turbo mode. This feature protects the battery and it prevents the light from overheating.

Mycro Headlamp

Lightweight Rechargeable Head Torch