Most Powerful Nebo Flashlight

Nebo's 12k is a 12,000 lumen waterproof, USB-C rechargeable flashlight that features a two times adjustable zoom and Nebo's patent-pending optimized C.O.B. technology it's Nebo's most powerful flashlight ever.

After lifting the 12k from its gift box, inside you'll find a user manual that outlines performance and features as well as instructions for operation the 12k also comes with a removable lanyard for convenience and a USB-C charging cable.

flashlights and head lights, constructed in durable lightweight aircraft grade aluminium.

The 12k features an aircraft grade aluminium body.
Measuring just under 28cm (long) x 5.79cm (head) x 4.445cm (handle) and weighs in under 1kg.

Smart power control, seamlessly move between power modes and help protect your eyes from sudden brightness changes.

Pressing the power button you'll notice it has a short ramp up time before the light reaches full power this feature is enabled to help protect the light and battery
from overheating, it also reduces power consumption helps extend battery

C.O.B. lighting creates a powerful area light ideal for working or camping

Nebo Lights Patent-pending optimized cob technology allows for a pristinely beam to be zoomed up to two times spotlight by turning the head of the flashlight.

Optimized cob technology is unique to Nebo's newer cob flashlights and is not available in other brands

TURBO 12000 40sec. 220
HIGH 7000 2 164
MEDIUM 3000 3 114
LOW 300 12 36
STROBE 3000 2 114


To charge the 12k simply plug the usbc side of the cable into the flashlight's usbc port which you can find under the silicone rubber cover then plug.

The led and the power button functions as a battery status and charging indicator.

During charging the 12k indicator will be backlit green


The 12k is waterproof with an IP67 rating, can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

It's robust aircraft grade aluminimun construction is impact resistant with a one meter drop rating

Power bank

The regular sized USB port above the USB-C port can be used to charge your mobile device or other usb powered devices.

That's right this flashlight acts as a milliamp hour power bank, you can even use the flashlight while it's charging. However it's important to note that if the power bank is activated while turbo mode is active turbo mode will be automatically reduced to high mode.

Power button function

When the battery level is greater than 25 percent the light will be orange, finally when the 12k is on and the battery level is less than 25 percent the button will flash on and off continuously.

Easy touch power button for simple light operation for power and switching between modes.


Most Powerful Nebo Flashlight