A Head Torch That Blasts Darkness Away

The Mycro 500+ is a lightweight rechargeable head torch that easily transitions into a cap light. It's seven light modes, adjustable head strap and cap light clip make it the perfect companion for hands free lighting for a variety of tasks. Weighing it at 4oz and measuring in at only 1.75 inches high, 2.75 inches wide and just over half an inch in diameter, it's no secret where the Mycro 500+ gets it's name from.

Blast the darkness away with a 500-lumen turbo mode that gives you 30 seconds intervals of brilliant light whenever you need it. Or choose from several other modes, including High, Medium, Low, and Red light.

Mycro 500+ Headlamp and clip

Product features include:

- 7 light modes including, spot light and flood light modes (with Smart Power Control SPC)

- integrated tilt feature to beam (135 degree vertical pivot head)

- direct to red feature

- adjustable head strap

- detachable cap light clip

- battery charging indicator

- water resistant IPX4

- impact-resistance (up to one meter)

- rechargeable battery (USB-C)

The Mycro 500+ includes both a head strap and detachable cap light clip, allowing you to use either option, whatever the task is at hand. Shovelling snow on a dark morning and you need hands free headlamp to light up your drive. Or if you're exploring the dark depths of a cave, you need a hands free head lamp to light up your path. The possibilities are endless when you need everyday hands free lighting, whether that be for recreational purposes or work.

The two buttons located at the top of the light control the spot light (on the right with a circle to indicate the spot light) and the flood light modes (on the left with a flood beam icon). The floodlight button is slightly raised to make it easy to distinguish by touch, in case you're unable to see left from right, you will be able to determine which button works which light mode.

Runtime with it shining 500 lumens, estimates that it will run for 30 second intervals. Compared to shining at 200 lumens (spot light mode), estimated run time is 1 hour.


• Turbo (500 lumens) - 30 second intervals
• High (200 lumens) - 1 hour
• Medium (100 lumens) - 2 hours
• Low (30 lumens) - 3 hours

C•O•B HIGH (200 lumens) - 25 mins
C•O•B LOW (50 lumens) - 1 hours
C•O•B RED (25 lumens) - 35 mins