The 3rd Generation: Best Selling Work Light

 Make way for the third generation of our best-selling work light - the new and improved Big Larry 3.

What more does the Big Larry 3 have to offer over the Big Larry 2? The bezel and hand held barrel now has a knurled ergonomics, allowing the user an improved grip compared to the previous anodised aluminium of the Big Larry 2. The flashlight on the Big Larry 3 has 220 lumens, in comparison to 200. And the work light has 600 lumens, in comparison to 500. A more powerful torch and flash light in the palm of your hands.

Big Larry 2 and Big Larry 3 comparison

The Big Larry 3 features multiple light modes from two different sources - a 220 lumen flashlight and a 600 lumen work light.

- One click of the power button generates a 220 lumen flashlight

- Two clicks generates 600 lumen work light

- Three clicks generates 40 lumen red work light

- Four clicks generates 40 lumen red S.O.S.

Hold down power button for two seconds generates a direct to red light, ideal for light light conditions.

Not only does the Big Larry 3 have all this, but it also has dimming and power memory recall. To dim the light, simply press and hold down the power button while the light is on. Whilst it's held down, the light will gradually dim and brighten. Releasing the button at any point will set the desired brightness. Power memory recall saves that brightness setting and can be recalled by double pressing the power button.