The Master Series: Tough Lights For Tough Jobs

Rugged construction, increased reliability and consistently bright LEDs means these lights can take whatever you throw at them - at the jobsite or for a home project. The NEBO Master Series is designed for contractors, mechanics, technicians, engineered to be more durable and run for longer.

What makes the Master Series a cut above the rest?

You’ve heard it said, “Work smarter, not harder.” At NEBO, we ask, “Why can’t you do both?” That’s what makes the MASTER SERIES different — durable, rugged design coupled with intuitive, feature-rich innovation. Designed for those who put their gear to the test, and who need their tools to work as tirelessly as they do. When the work gets tough, the tough get working!

Nebo Master Series Products

This series of commercial strength lights includes a 1/4 mile spotlight, 1000 lumen headlamp and 3 torches with various brightness levels. Each of these products are waterproof and have been manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium. This includes impact resistance and finished with a rugged rubberised grip. The Master Series are intended for everyday use, they're all rechargeable and equipped with a magnetic base.


SL25 - 1/4/ mile flood light and spotlight
HL1000 - 1000 lumen headlamp
FL750, FL1500, FL3000 - Flashlights
With Smart Power Control™, it creates a seamless transition through light modes to extend battery life. Optimised Power Curve™ efficiently utilizes battery power to provide a steadier and more consistent light beam.
Tradesmen torches and headlights