The new & improved BIG Larry PRO+

Introducing the BIG Larry PRO+ from NEBO. Everyone’s favourite go-to work light is now brighter and more versatile than ever before. 

Big Larry Pro + Rechargeable work light

The NEBO BIG Larry PRO+ is a robust and practical flashlight that lives up to its promises. With its powerful illumination, 3-in-1 design, magnetic base, rechargeable battery, adjustable zoom and hands-free convenience, it's a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.

Whether you're a professional in need of dependable lighting at work or an outdoor enthusiast seeking a reliable companion, the NEBO BIG Larry PRO+ is a must-have purchase.

The bright illumination and magnetic base make it your new best friend for tasks that require precision and efficiency.

What’s new with the BIG Larry PRO+?

Our dedicated team of NEBO designers in Texas have listened to your feedback and made your favourite work light even brighter! The BIG Larry PRO+ outputs 600 lumens with the C•O•B work light and 220 lumens from the top light.

Whilst it may be brighter, the quality certainly hasn’t been compromised. The anodized aircraft-grade aluminium body ensures durability and resilience. If you need any more reassurance, then all our NEBO products come with 2 years’ warranty as standard.

Who is the BIG Larry PRO+ aimed at?

The NEBO BIG Larry PRO+ is suitable for anyone. Rated as an excellent tool for professionals working in various trade fields, such as mechanics and electricians, but also really popular with DIYers, outdoor adventurers and the emergency services’ sector.

3-in-1 Design

The new BIG Larry PRO+ is great value because it combines 3 lights in one – 220 lumen flashlight, 600 lumen work light and a red mode with strobe setting. 

Is BIG Larry PRO+ rechargeable?

Our latest work light comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting and cost-effective performance. Simply recharge the battery using the included USB-C cable for uninterrupted use. Better for the environment and more convenient for you. 

What does IPX7 waterproof mean?

Whatever environment you’re shedding light on, you can be confident that even if you submerge your BIG Larry PRO+ in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes, it will still work as good as new!

What is the red C•O•B light for?

The red C•O•B light is perfect for distress signalling or roadside emergencies. The NEBO BIG Larry PRO+ is an ideal addition to your emergency kit, providing ample illumination during power outages or other unforeseen situations.

What features make it so handy?

The useful steel clip and magnetic base enables convenient hands-free lighting. Simply attach it to a metal surface while working or attach it to clothing for on-the-go illumination.

Enjoy the next level of lighting innovation and get your hands on the NEBO BIG Larry PRO+.

Product features of the Big Larry Pro +