Work Light With Power Bank


It's a rechargeable LED light with a laser pointer and a power bank.

The differences from the Slim and Slim + versions, the NEBO Slim+ has greater lumen output, a laser light and the ability to operate as a power bank for your electronic devices for on the go charging.

Although the Slim+ measures an additional 10mm in height to accommodate the new laser light, the work light comes in on the scales an impressive 10 grams less, that’s around a 10% weight saving compared to the previous model.

rechargeable flashlight or head torch indicator when your LED light is recharging. Colour changing to indicate when your batteries are fully chanrged.

Rechargeable by Micro USB supplied cable, with 5-6 hours recharge time.

flash lights with pocket clip, ideal when you need your flashlight to hand in any working conditions.

Supplied with removable clip and magnet.

IPX4 water resistant rated flashlights and head torches

It's also IPX4 water spray resistant and impact resistant to drops of up to 1 meter.

Measuring just under 11.5cm (long), 4.6cm (wide) and 3.5cm (deep). Weighs in at only 114g.

High 700 1.5 60
Low 70 5 19

The SLIM+ will automatically turn on in its highest mode for the first time you turn it on, which is up to 700 lumens, but the SLIM+ also features dimming capabilities with power memory.

With the light on, you can press and hold the button to dim the light down and the light will flash when you reach the lowest setting, which is up to 70 lumens.

The SLIM+ will also use its power memory feature to always turn on in the most recently used brightness setting. To raise the brightness back up, while on, simply hold the button down again until the light flashes to indicate you have reached the maximum brightness setting. The light will always flash when you have reached either the brightest or the dimmest setting.


To charge the SLIM+, simply plug the Micro USB end of the included charging cable into the SLIM+ and the USB side of the charging cable into a USB charging block.

While charging, a battery indicator light will shine red. Once the SLIM+ has been fully charged, the light will turn green.

Removable clip & Magnetic Base

There is also a magnet on the back of the clip and at the base of the light here, both of which are useful for hands-free lighting operation.

The clip also has a rubber grip on the inside to prevent the light from slipping off while in use.

The SLIM+ can get even slimmer! To remove the clip, simply turn it counter clockwise and pull it out away from the light. Reattaching the clip is easy, simply repeat these steps in reverse order, like so. On the side of the SLIM+


At the top of the light, there is a USB port which can be used to quickly charge your other devices, like your smart phone.

Simply plug your device into the SLIM+'s USB port at the top and it will begin to charge your device.

You can even use the light while charging another device.

Water Resistant

The Slim + is water spray resistant flashlight with an IPX4 rating.

It's robust aircraft grade aluminium construction is impact resistant with a one meter drop rating.

Laser Light

At the top of the SLIM+ is its red laser pointer. To activate the laser, from off, simply press and hold the power button on the side of the light here.

The laser will turn on and stay on as long as you hold the button, and it has a battery life of up to 20 hours. To turn off the laser, simply release the button.


Rechargeable Powerbank Work light