Inspector 500+


This 500 lumen, USB rechargeable pen light features a unique hidden Area Light. Flex Power allows for the use of 2x AAA batteries (not included) .


Power button cycles through light modes when pressed.
High > Low
Double-tap button for Strobe mode.

When the unit is Off, press and hold the power button to go Direct-To-Low.

When the unit is On, press and hold the power button for Turbo.


To deploy the Area Light, pull the head away from the body.



To access the charging port, hold the body and rotate the collar clockwise down/away from the lens. Insert the USB cable straight in to the charging port.


This product includes a "charge Status" LED indicator during charging (located by the charging port):
- When plugged in and the light is red, the battery is charging.
- When plugged in and the light turns solid blue, the battery level is at 100%.


This unit can also be powered by two AAA batteries.
- Unscrew the battery cap.
- Remove the rechargeable batteries.
- Insert two AAA batteries positive (+) side first.
- Reinstall the battery cap.