Master Series - PL500


Rugged, reliable and rechargeable, this pocket-sized 500 lumen pen light features an integrated zoom and a mode select dial so you get the right amount of light where you need it.


Rotate Magnetic Select Dial to cycle through light modes:
High > Low
Press & release Power Button to turn the unit ON and OFF.

Strobe: Double-tap button
Turbo: From ON, press and hold button
Direct-to-Low: From OFF, press and hold button.

Press & release Power Button from Strobe, Turbo or Direct-to-Low to turn the unit
OFF. Rotating the Select Dial will cancel these modes.


To access the charging port, hold the body and rotate the collar clockwise down/away from the lens. Insert the USB cable straight in to the charging port.


This product includes a "charge Status" LED indicator during charging (located by the charging port):
- When plugged in and the light is red, the battery is charging.
- When plugged in and the light turns solid blue, the battery level is at 100%.


This unit can also be powered by two AAA batteries.
- Unscrew the battery cap.
- Remove the rechargeable batteries.
- Insert two AAA batteries positive (+) side first.
- Reinstall the battery cap.


Integrated 4 x Adjustable zoom.