Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion Sensor Night Light

Motion Sensor Night Light Instruction Manual
Perfect for hallways, closets and stairways – any area that needs hands-free automated lighting. The battery operated Motion Sensor Night Light turns on automatically if any movement is detected and turns off 15 seconds after motion ends.

The smart sensor prevents the light from turning on during daylight hours.


Light will turn on for a minimum of 15 seconds and will deactivate once motion ceases.

HIGH 30 15 sec 7
LOW 8 15 sec 4


Remove the back cover to change the light mode.

Motion Sensor Mode selection switch


• To access battery compartment, gently slide the back and front panels apart.
• Dispose of old batteries properly and insert new batteries correctly.
• Reattach panels

Motion Sensor how to replace batteries
Nebo Motion Sensor replacing batteries



• Make sure the selected surface area is clean before attaching the light.
• Remove the first protective cover from the double-side mounting tape and attach the tape strip to the light.
• Remove the remaining protective cover and attach the light to the desired location.