Mycro Headlamp


The rechargeable MYCRO Headlamp & Cap Light features a 400 lumen Turbo Mode, 5 additional light modes, 135º adjustable tilt and a USB to Micro USB charging cable.




TURBO MODE: press & hold button while ON DIRECT-TO-RED: press & hold button while OFF

MODE RECALL Once the light has been ON for 8 seconds, the next button push with turn the light OFF. After the MYCRO has been turned OFF, the next button push will activate the last used mode.



Provides 135º adjustable tilt and use as a cap light when the head strap unit is removed. To remove, pull Tab upwards to detach from Tab Slot and pull unit away from the MYCRO. To reattach, simply push back into place.



To charge, plug the USB end into a power source and plug the Micro USB end into the MYCRO. The battery indicator LED will glow red while charging and green when fully charged.