SLIM 1200 +

SLIM+ 1200

Instruction manual Slim Plus 1200
The SLIM+ 1200 is a thin, ergonomic, rechargeable 1200 lumen COB pocket light with a Power Bank, dimming and magnetic base.


TURBO 1200 30s 52
HIGH 700 1.75 41
MEDIUM 350 3 29
LOW 30 12 8
STROBE 700 2 41
RED 8 4 4


Detachable sprung metal clip.

Light Modes

Press and release the power button to cycle through modes:

Off > High > Medium > Low > Red
When the work light is on, Press and Hold for Turbo. Double Tap for Strobe.
When the unit is in Red Mode, Double Tap for Red Strobe.
When the unit is Off, Double Tap for Direct-to-Red.

Smart Power Control (SPC) seamlessly transitions through light modes

Operating Slim Plus 1200


Battery type Internal Polymer 803450, 3.7V, 1500 mAh

This product uses a LED charging indicator located by the charging port.

When in use, the LED will illuminate for 3 seconds to indicate battery level.
Red: Battery is below 10%.
Green: Battery is above 10%.

How to recharge NEBO Slim + 1200


Use the included charging cable to recharge the SLIM+ 1200.

The charging indicator glows red when charging; green when fully charged.


To charge your phone or other USB device, simply plug the device into the USB-C port