• Work Light: Press button 1x to activate.
  • Spot Light: Press button 2x (from the OFF position) to activate.
  • Turbo Mode (Work & Spot Light): From the OFF position, press & hold button for 2 seconds.

After 2 minutes TANGO will default to Work Light Mode (750 lumens).


While the light is ON, in Work Light or Spot Light mode: 1. Press and hold the power button for 1.5 seconds to dim. The light will blink 1x when the light reaches 10% or 100%.

2. Release the button at any time to set desired brightness. (NOTE: If button is still pressed, light will continue to dim and rise between 100% and 10%.)

3. To reset the light level, power light OFF. TANGO will reset back to 100% brightness when you turn either light back on.


By double clicking the power button, this feature will allow for quick access to the last dimmed mode. To reprogram memory, simply dim each light to your new desired brightness level.

NOTE: Leave either mode (Work or Spot Light) ON for 8 seconds or longer, and the next press of the button turns light OFF.