Illuminating the Trail

The Transcend 1500 head lamp has five light modes, adjustable head strap and magnetic base, making it the perfect companion for hands-free lighting for a variety of tasks.

The Transcend 1500 is a powerful waterproof rechargeable headlamp, that easily transitions to a work light.

It measures 9.5cm wide, and just 4.22cm deep and weights only 150g. Generating up to 1500 lumens of light with 5 useful power modes.

our head torches are fitted with a comfortable head strap that helps keep your light secure no matter the exercise.

The elastic head strap is easy to attach to either side of the base. Move the adjustable clip to tighten or loosen the
strap to fit your head.

flashlights and head lights, constructed in durable lightweight aircraft grade aluminium.

The Transcend 1500 features an aircraft grade aluminium body with impact resistant design.

IPX7 rated flashlights and head torches. waterproof to 1m

Nebo's lights run no matter the conditions, fully waterproof of up to 1 meter in depth for 30 minutes

Light Modes

TURBO 1500 30sec. 129
HIGH 750 4 91
MEDIUM 300 5.5 58
LOW 30 28 18
STROBE 750 4 91


Turn the battery around, you'll see the charging port near the positive end of the battery. To recharge the light plug in the included USB-C cable directly into the battery and plug the other end into your charging block.

While charging, the LED indicator on the rechargeable battery will shine red.

When the Transcend 1500 is fully charged, the colour will change to green. Unplugged the charging cable and flip the battery back, positive and down and replaced the battery compartment cover.


The Transcend 1500 is waterproof head torch with an IPX7 rating, can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour.

It's robust aircraft grade aluminimun construction is impact resistant with a one meter drop rating.

Magnetic Base

The Transcend 1500 has a powerful magnetic base for easy mounting when you need to be hands free.

Turning this head torch in to a versatile product that's perfect as a pocket work light, being able to bring its powerful 1500 lumen spotlight as an area light into your working enviroment.

Operation & Power Control

To start using the light, open the battery compartment by turning it counter clockwise. Discard the paper that reads remove. That's included to keep your Transcend 1500 from being turned on while in transit.

Notice the orange rotary mode select dial has marks for high, medium, and low modes. Start by selecting the desired mode, and then press the power button once to turn on the light.

When high mode is selected, the light is up to 750 lumens with a runtime of four hours. Rotate the mode select dial to M for Medium mode, which is up to 300 lumens for five and a half hours of runtime. finally rotate the mode select dial once more to L for low mode which is 30 lumens for 28 hours.

The Transcend 1500 gets its name from the lumens of the turbo mode. You can activate turbo mode by pressing and holding the power button from any mode or even while the light is off. This shines a brilliant 1500 lumens for 30 second bursts. The final light mode is strobe, which can be activated by a double tap from any other mode or while the light is off.

Note that when in strobe or turbo mode, a single press of the power button will turn the light off. Double tap or press and hold, will activate the corresponding modes.

When in strobe or turbo modes, it's also helpful to know the power button doubles as the battery indicator. While the light is on, a solid orange indicates that the charge is greater than 25%. When it gets below 25%, that power button will flash.

TRANSCEND 1500 is a powerful, USB-C rechargeable headlamp that features a 1,500 lumen in Turbo Mode.

Transcend 1500

Tough & Mighty Head Torch